Grow Your Skills & Build Your Portfolio

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Growing Your eLearning Career Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

If you're like the many folks looking to land an eLearning or instructional design job, you're not alone! Our industry is getting crowded, and it can be hard to stand out when there's so much competition.

But here's the good news: it's possible to snag your dream job—it just requires the right skills and a good portfolio. And with The eLearning Designer's Academy, you'll learn how to grow your eLearning or instructional design career by following Tim Slade's 10+ years of real-world experience.

Grow Your Skills

Get the practical, real-world skills and techniques used by best-in-class eLearning designers.

Build Your Portfolio

Land your next eLearning job or get promoted with a portfolio that showcases your skills.

Make More Money

Demand more money or higher rates with the skills that will make you top competitor within the industry.

Before enrolling in The eLearning Designer's Academy, I had no idea what I needed to know or do to start my instructional designer career. Tim helped me gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to build my portfolio and grow my career. Tim is the expert in this field, and I would highly recommend this program to anyone trying to break into the world of eLearning or instructional design.

Jim Brown, EdDInstructional Designer

Student Stories

The eLearning Designer's Academy is to focus on people first. To do this, we strive to help each student reach their potential and achieve success in any way they may define it. See how The eLearning Designer's Academy has helped Marlena, Jim, and Kathleen grow their eLearning and instructional designer careers.

Marlena Ward-Dodds

Learning Experience Designer

Jim Brown

Freelance eLearning Designer

Kathleen Volk

Instructional Designer

Build Your eLearning Skills & Portfolio

Put your eLearning skills into practice and showcase them in an online portfolio. When you enroll, you’ll learn Tim Slade’s step-by-step process with 8 weeks of guided lessons, 15+ hours of video content, and hands-on practice activities.

Get 1:1 Guidance & Support

Get the feedback and guidance to jumpstart your eLearning or instructional design career. When you enroll, you’ll get private one-on-one coaching from Tim Slade, who will help you each step of the way.

Join a Growing Community

Collaborate, network, and continue learning from the experiences of your peers. When you enroll, you’ll gain access to an exclusive and growing online community of eLearning and instructional designers.

What I liked most about The eLearning Designer's Academy was that I was able to connect and learn directly from Tim Slade—he was present and helped me every step of the way. Tim's expertise and advice was invaluable. I would recommend The eLearning Designer's Academy to anyone looking to grow their eLearning career.

Marlena Ward-DoddsLearning Experience Designer

What You’ll Get

When you enroll in The eLearning Designer's Academy, you'll get access to the most robust program to help you grow your skills, build your portfolio, and elevate your career. Regardless of your current level of experience, you'll get all of the personalized guidance and support needed to be successful.

What You’ll Learn

The eLearning Designer's Academy has been expertly designed to guide you through the entire eLearning design and development process from beginning to end. After completion, you'll gain all of the skills needed to build an eLearning course from scratch and showcase it in an online portfolio.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Don’t stress about course start or end dates. With lifetime access, you can complete each eLearning academy course at your own pace, with hours of high-quality video lessons, case studies, discussions, and activities.

Pay Once & Learn Forever

Forget about confusing subscriptions, unexpected payments, annoying upsells, price increases, or expiration dates. Once you enroll, you’ll get lifetime access to all of our course content (plus future updates) and to our exclusive online community, where you can connect with your fellow students.

Showcase Your Skills

Make sure potential employers or clients see your new skills. After completing each academy course, you’ll receive a completion certificate, which you can print or share on your LinkedIn profile.

01: eLearning 101

  •  Define the different types of eLearning
  • Describe the benefits of eLearning
  • Explain why eLearning development is more complex than other forms of training
  • Identify the cost of creating bad eLearning

02: Instructional Design for eLearning

  • Apply adult learning theory principles
  • Conduct a needs analysis
  • Collect your learning content
  • Draft learning objectives
  • Design a blended learning solution
  • Draft a design document

03: eLearning Project Management

  • Conduct a kickoff meeting
  • Collaborate with your stakeholders and subject matter experts
  • Create an eLearning project plan
  • Draft an eLearning project timeline

04: Storyboarding & Prototyping for eLearning

  • Select an eLearning storyboard format
  • Create a course outline
  • Draft various slide types
  • Select a prototype format
  • Create an eLearning prototype

05: Designing Interactive eLearning

  • Explain the benefits of interactivity
  • Identify the differences between click-to-reveal and decision-based interactions
  • Design click-to-reveal interactions
  • Design decision-based interactions

06: Introduction to Articulate Storyline

  • Create a new project
  • Navigate the Articulate Storyline interface
  • Create slide masters
  • Create and edit text, images, shapes, and graphics
  • Animate on-screen elements with audio narration
  • Design basic interactivity with triggers, states, and slide layers
  • Create screen recordings and simulations
  • Create quiz questions
  • Customize the player
  • Publish your course

07: Advanced Articulate Storyline

  • Create and edit variables
  • Create and edit conditional triggers
  • Develop personalized interactions
  • Develop scenario-based interactions
  • Develop custom drag-and-drop interactions

08: Evaluating eLearning

  • Measuring learning reaction
  • Measuring learning retention
  • Measuring learner behavior
  • Measuring business results

09: Building an eLearning Portfolio

  • Explain the importance of having an eLearning portfolio
  • How to select and purchase a domain name
  • How to select a website design tool
  • How to design your eLearning portfolio
  • How to establish your brand
  • How to market yourself as an eLearning designer

As someone looking to transition out of teaching and into eLearning and instructional design, I found The eLearning Designer's Academy incredibly valuable. Tim provided exactly what I was seeking: a comprehensive understanding of the entire eLearning design and development process.

Jennifer TullyLearning & Design Specialist

Who is the Academy & Community For?

Expand Your Portfolio & Make More Money

If you’re an existing instructional designer or eLearning designer, our eLearning academy and community can help you expand your portfolio, grow your skills, get promoted, and make more money.

Land Your First Corporate eLearning Job

If you’re a former teacher (or soon-to-be former teacher), our eLearning academy and community can help you get the skills to lands your first corporate instructional design or eLearning job.

Get More Clients & Raise Your Rates

If you’re a freelance eLearning or instructional designer, our eLearning academy and community can help you build the confidence to grow your business, land more clients, and raise your rates.

Start Your Career & Land Your First Job

If you’re a recent college graduate, our eLearning academy and community can help you gain the practical, real-world skills that will help your jumpstart your career and land your first eLearning job.

The eLearning Designer's Academy is definitely a game-changer for those needing to learn or refresh their eLearning or instructional design skills. Each lesson is very detailed and easy to comprehend. The eLearning Designer's Academy has helped me understand the ins and outs of being an instructional designer and motivated me to continue this path! Also, Tim's Articulate Storyline lessons are remarkable; they have helped to elevate and revamp my eLearning design skills! I highly recommend Tim's eLearning Designer's Academy to anyone looking to learn anything in the world of eLearning or instructional design!

Oscar CarreraInstructional Designer

Benefits that Will Set You Up for Success

In addition to the 8 weeks of guided lessons and hours of self-paced video content, The eLearning Designer’s Academy is chock-full of tools and resources that will help you grow your career, connect with others, and showcase your new skills.

Personalized Learning Paths

Design a personalized learning path to fit your desired eLearning career and development goals.

1:1 Coaching & Feedback

Ask questions and get actionable feedback and 1:1 coaching from your instructor, Tim Slade.

Live Sessions

Network, connect, and learn from your fellow students during our biweekly Zoom hangouts.

Completion Certificates

Showcase your achievements with a completion certificate, which you can print or share on your LinkedIn profile.

The eLearning Designer's Academy gave me everything I've needed to not only dip my toe into the eLearning world, but to jump into the deep end and start swimming! I highly recommend this program for both beginners and seasoned instructional designers who want to learn how to design better eLearning.

Gabriella Grimaldo, M.A.Instructional Designer

Enrollment Reopens
October 5th, 2021

The eLearning Designer’s Academy is currently sold out and will reopen on Tuesday, October 5th, 2021.

To provide the best learning experience for each of our students, we limit how many students can enroll during each enrollment period. Reserve your seat today by joining the waitlist and be the first to know when enrollment reopens!


$ 333

Per Month
  • 8-weeks of guided lessons
  • 1:1 coaching and support with Tim Slade
  • Weekly virtual cohort meetings
  • Private community access
  • Hands-on activities and practice files
  • Lifetime access to all course content and future updates
  • Full-color, printed copy of The eLearning Designer’s Handbook



$ 999

  • 8-weeks of guided lessons
  • 1:1 coaching and support with Tim Slade
  • Weekly virtual cohort meetings
  • Private community access
  • Hands-on activities and practice files
  • Lifetime access to all course content and future updates
  • Full-color, printed copy of The eLearning Designer’s Handbook


7-Day, Money-Back Guarantee

Your course purchase is backed by a 7-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. If the academy and community isn’t right for you, let us know within that timeframe, and we’ll issue a refund right away.

Teacher Discounts

Teachers are the backbone of our society. And that’s why we offer a $100 discount to any current or former teachers looking to make the transition into eLearning or instructional design. Simply contact us directly and we’ll get you set up with a discount.

I came across Tim's book as I was beginning my journey into the instructional design field. While reading it, I realized that Tim was not only an expert on the subject of instructional design, he was also a skilled and masterful teacher. When I discovered that Tim had opened up The eLearning Designer's Academy, I jumped at the opportunity to enroll. Since enrolling, I've made immense progress in my Articulate Storyline and eLearning development skills, while also benefiting from Tim's mentorship.

Daniel LeitchInstructional Designer
The eLearning Designer's Academy by Tim Slade
Meet Your Instructor

Tim Slade

Hi, I’m Tim Slade, and I’m a speaker, author, and award-winning freelance eLearning designer. Having spent the last decade working to help others elevate their eLearning and visual communications content, I have been recognized and awarded within the eLearning industry multiple times for my creative and innovative design aesthetics. I’m also a regular speaker at international eLearning conferences, a recognized Articulate Super Hero, author of The eLearning Designer’s Handbook and creator of The eLearning Designer’s Academy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this program work? Will I be in a cohort with others?

Great question! Our program is specifically designed for the best of both worlds. While you can access and watch all of the course content at your own pace, you’ll also receive eight weeks of expertly designed lesson plans. Each lesson plan contains a task list, which will guide you through that week’s content, including lessons to watch, assignments to complete, discussion questions to answer, etc. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to join your fellow cohort members each week on Zoom to connect, network, and continue your learning.

What happens after the eight-week program ends?

This is the best part! After you’ve completed the eight-week program, you’ll have lifetime access to all of the course content (plus future courses and updates), along with access to the private online community, where you can continue learning with your fellow cohort members.

What makes this program different from the others?

Well, that’s perhaps the most important question! Here’s the thing: there are many different eLearning, instructional design, and portfolio bootcamps, masterclasses, academies out there. What makes The eLearning Designer’s Academy & Community different is that it’s based on over a decade’s worth of practical, real-world experience. While some programs focus just on skills and others focus just on building your portfolio, this program combines the two into one amazing and transformative experience. You’ll start your journey by learning how to plan, design, and develop an eLearning course from scratch in Articulate Storyline. From there, you’ll learn how to brand yourself and showcase your skills by building your very own online portfolio. It’s the combination of skills and a portfolio that will best position you to land a high-paying eLearning or instructional design job.

What if I don't have any previous experience?

No worries! Even if you’ve never written a storyboard, touched Articulate Storyline, or built an online portfolio, this program is designed to guide you every step of the way, regardless of your current level of experience.

What other technology or software do I need to participate?

At the very minimum, you’ll need access to Microsoft Word and PowerPoint (or similar programs). You’ll also need the most current versions of Articulate Storyline 360 or 3. And don’t worry if you’re not ready to invest in Articulate Storyline; you can participate by signing up for the 60-day trial.

What if I can't attend the weekly Zoom meetings?

Totally get it! Our students are located all over the globe, and many of them have hectic schedules. The weekly Zoom meetings occur on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 12 PM, 3 PM, 6 PM, or 9 PM ET (New York Time). And don’t worry if you can’t make it; each session is recorded and you’ll be able to watch it on your own time.

How much 1:1 coaching is included?

We believe one-on-one coaching and support is a critical component to your success. When you enroll, you’ll have the opportunity to schedule four 30-minute coaching sessions with Tim Slade. This tends to be the right amount of time for most of our students; however, if you need additional assistance, support or guidance, we’re happy to provide extra time as necessary on a case-by-case basis. The goal is always to make sure you feel supported.

What if I enroll and I don't like it?

Not a problem! We offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. If the program isn’t right for you, let us know within that timeframe, and we’ll issue a refund. It’s that simple!

What if I have more questions?

Great! We love answering your questions. Feel free to contact us by clicking on the menu button in the top-right corner and send us a message!