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Growing Your eLearning Career & Skills Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Grow the skills that will help you design better eLearning, land your next job or client, and make more money. Based on over a decade of practical, real-world experience, Tim Slade will teach you everything he knows in a fun, practical, and exciting way. Our eLearning academy and community have been expertly designed to provide you the skills that will help you at each stage of your eLearning career.

Grow Your Skills

Get the practical, real-world skills and techniques used by best-in-class eLearning designers.

Build Your Portfolio

Land your next eLearning job or get promoted with a portfolio that showcases your skills.

Make More Money

Demand more money or higher rates with the skills that will make you top competitor within the industry.

Learn From 10+ Years of Real-World Expertise

For over a decade, Tim Slade has worked to design and develop eLearning for some of the largest companies and brands, including Kohl’s Department Stores, GoDaddy, PetSmart, and many more. This is your opportunity to learn from his years of practical, real-world expertise.

Join a Community of eLearning Designers

Once you enroll, you’ll gain access to an exclusive and growing online community of eLearning designers. Collaborate, network, and continue learning from the experiences of your peers.

What You’ll Learn

Learn at Your Own Pace

Don’t stress about course start or end dates. Complete each eLearning academy course at your own pace, with hours of high-quality video lessons, case studies, discussions, and activities.

Pay Once & Learn Forever

Forget about confusing subscriptions, unexpected payments, or expiration dates. You’ll get lifetime access to all of our eLearning academy courses (and future updates) and to the exclusive online community, where you can connect with me and your fellow eLearning designers.

Showcase Your Skills

Make sure potential employers or clients see your new skills. After completing each eLearning academy course, you’ll receive a completion certificate, which you can print or share on your LinkedIn profile.

01: eLearning 101

In this section, you’ll learn the basics of eLearning design and development by exploring how to… 

  • Define the different types of eLearning
  • Describe the benefits of eLearning
  • Explain why eLearning development is more complex than other forms of training
  • Identify the cost of creating bad eLearning

02: Instructional Design for eLearning

In this section, you’ll learn how to design effective eLearning by exploring how to… 

  • Apply adult learning theory principles
  • Conduct a needs analysis
  • Collect your learning content
  • Draft learning objectives
  • Design a blended learning solution
  • Draft a design document

03: eLearning Project Management

In this section, you’ll learn how to manage your eLearning projects by exploring how to… 

  • Conduct a kickoff meeting
  • Collaborate with your stakeholders and subject matter experts
  • Create an eLearning project plan
  • Draft an eLearning project timeline

04: Storyboarding & Prototyping for eLearning

In this section, you’ll learn how to start your eLearning course design and development by exploring how to… 

  • Select an eLearning storyboard format
  • Create a course outline
  • Draft various slide types
  • Select a prototype format
  • Create an eLearning prototype

05: Designing Interactive eLearning

In this section, you’ll learn how to design performance-based eLearning by exploring how to…

  • Explain the benefits of interactivity
  • Identify the differences between click-to-reveal and decision-based interactions
  • Design click-to-reveal interactions
  • Design decision-based interactions

06: Introduction to Articulate Storyline

In this section, you’ll learn how to start developing your eLearning course with Articulate Storyline by exploring how to…

  • Create a new project
  • Navigate the Articulate Storyline interface
  • Create slide masters
  • Create and edit text, images, shapes, and graphics
  • Animate on-screen elements with audio narration
  • Design basic interactivity with triggers, states, and slide layers
  • Create screen recordings and simulations
  • Create quiz questions
  • Customize the player
  • Publish your course

07: Advanced Articulate Storyline

In this section, you’ll learn how to use the advanced features of Articulate Storyline by exploring how to…

  • Create and edit variables
  • Create and edit conditional triggers
  • Develop personalized interactions
  • Develop scenario-based interactions
  • Develop custom drag-and-drop interactions

08: Visual Design for eLearning (coming soon)

In this section (coming soon), you’ll learn how to design visually engaging eLearning by exploring how to…

  • Reduce cognitive load
  • Select and pair fonts
  • Create a custom color scheme
  • Select meaningful images and graphics
  • Design a balanced slide layout
  • Visually communicate your learning content
  • Design an intuitive user interface

09: Evaluating eLearning

In this section, you’ll learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of your eLearning by exploring how to…

  • Measuring learning reaction
  • Measuring learning retention
  • Measuring learner behavior
  • Measuring business results

10: Building an eLearning Portfolio (coming soon)

In this section (coming soon), you’ll learn how to create your own eLearning portfolios by exploring how to…

  • Explain the importance of having an eLearning portfolio
  • How to select and purchase a domain name
  • How to select a website design tool
  • How to design your eLearning portfolio
  • How to establish your brand
  • How to market yourself as an eLearning designer

11: Becoming a Freelance eLearning Designer (coming soon)

In this section (coming soon), you’ll learn how to become a freelance eLearning designer by exploring how to…

  • Land your first client
  • Establish your business
  • Manage your finances
  • Diversify your income
  • Price your services
  • Draft a contract and statement of work
  • Attract new clients


Jacquelin HutchinsoneLearning Designer & Developer

Tim provides a comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow overview of Storyline and helps the new developer learn the key components to a well developed course. It's well-organized and new developers can work along with an excellent sample project, helping speed them on to eLearning success. This is an excellent resource to get comfortable enough to start your first project.

Emmanuel BarnesSr. Instructional System Designer

Although I’ve worked in Instructional Design for over 15 years, this online course was very helpful in help me understand how that experience translates to the world of eLearning. Very helpful and a quality resource to start my eLearning journey.

Jordon MurrayLearning Technology Specialist

I used to be so intimidated by using Variables. I was never really sure how they worked or why I should be using them in the first place. Tim does an excellent job explaining the purpose of variables and how/when to use them. If you're looking to take your Articulate Storyline skills to the next level, this course will do it!

Jennifer TullyLearning & Design Specialist

As someone changing careers and looking to transition into eLearning and instructional design, I found this course very valuable. It gave me just what I was seeking - a comprehensive understanding of the entire design and development process from start to finish. Thanks, Tim, for providing me with this much-needed guidance and insight.

Melissa MooreeLearning Developer

After reading Tim's book, I went ahead and purchased his online course. Although I've been working as an eLearning designer for several years, this course help to remind that there's still a lot I can learn! I really like the way this course outlines the steps for planning your eLearning project. This is a step that is often forgetting.

Jeanne PerroneEducational Consultant

As someone who is very new to Storyline, I was a bit nervous that I would not be able to follow along. The style of this course made me feel comfortable. I was able to work at my own pace. I look forward to learning more about Storyline and checking out other courses here in The eLearning Designer’s Academy.

Cheryl HopkinsSr. Learning Experience Designer

I just started a new job and my boss enrolled me in this course. I just finished it and I love the way it outlines the eLearning process from beginning to end. I also really enjoyed all of the advice Tim provides on working with SMEs.

Susan RookerAcademic Admin. Assistant

Tim walks the designer through the first steps of creating an eLearning course with Articulate Storyline. He often references PowerPoint, so if the designer has even a foundational knowledge of PowerPoint, they will have no problem understanding. The easy-to-download storyboard and practice files included in this course strongly support the instruction.

Ryan ReidInstructional Designer & Developer

I really liked the real-world examples and practice activities Tim uses to teach variables and conditions in Storyline. Tim was also very personable and funny. It felt like he was sitting right next to me.

Katee EstrasaLearning & Development Specialist

We just got Articulate installed at work, and we decided to use this course to learn how to use it. This course is very straightforward and focused on how to actually apply all of the different features.

Cath ElliseLearning Designer & Developer

As someone who obsesses over designing high end solutions, I feel a sense of relief that The eLearning Designer's Academy is out there, as some of the current products on the market are so poorly executed visually, I worry that the content is equally as bad. All the best and thank you for all you have done and continue to do for our industry.


Who is the Academy & Community For?

Expand Your Portfolio & Make More Money

If you’re an existing instructional designer or eLearning designer, our eLearning academy and community can help you expand your portfolio, grow your skills, get promoted, and make more money.

Land Your First Corporate eLearning Job

If you’re a former teacher (or soon-to-be former teacher), our eLearning academy and community can help you get the skills to lands your first corporate instructional design or eLearning job.

Get More Clients & Raise Your Rates

If you’re a freelance eLearning or instructional designer, our eLearning academy and community can help you build the confidence to grow your business, land more clients, and raise your rates.

Start Your Career & Land Your First Job

If you’re a recent college graduate, our eLearning academy and community can help you gain the practical, real-world skills that will help your jumpstart your career and land your first eLearning job.


Benefits that Will Set You Up for Sucess

In addition to hours of self-paced video content, each eLearning academy course is chock-full of tools and resources that will help you grow your career, connect with others, and showcase your new skills.

Personalized Learning Paths

Design a personalized learning path to fit your desired eLearning career and development goals.

1:1 Coaching & Feedback

Ask questions and get actionable feedback and 1:1 coaching from your instructor, Tim Slade.

Live Sessions

Network, connect, and learn from your fellow students during our biweekly Zoom hangouts.

Completion Certificates

Showcase your achievements with a completion certificate, which you can print or share on your LinkedIn profile.


Enrollment Reopens May 4th, 2021

The eLearning Designer’s Academy is currently sold out and will reopen on Tuesday, May 4th, 2021.

To provide the best learning experience for each of our students, we limit how many students can enroll during each enrollment period. Reserve your seat today by joining the waitlist and be the first to know when enrollment reopens!

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Your course purchase is backed by a 7-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. If the academy and community isn’t right for you, let us know within that timeframe, and we’ll issue a refund right away.

Teacher Discounts

Teachers are the backbone of our society. And that’s why we offer discounts to any current or former teachers looking to make the transition into eLearning or instructional design. Simply contact us directly and we’ll get you set up with a discount.


The eLearning Designer's Academy by Tim Slade
Meet Your Instructor

Tim Slade

Hi, I’m Tim Slade, and I’m a speaker, author, and award-winning freelance eLearning designer. Having spent the last decade working to help others elevate their eLearning and visual communications content, I have been recognized and awarded within the eLearning industry multiple times for my creative and innovative design aesthetics. I’m also a regular speaker at international eLearning conferences, a recognized Articulate Super Hero, author of The eLearning Designer’s Handbook and creator of The eLearning Designer’s Academy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your academy and community different from all the others?

Well, that’s an important question! Here the thing: there’s a lot of different eLearning and instructional design programs out there. What makes The eLearning Designer’s Academy & Community different is that it’s actually based on the practical, real-world skills employers and clients are looking for when hiring an eLearning designer.

What happens if I enroll and I don't like it?

Not a problem! We offer a 7-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. If the eLearning academy and community isn’t right for you, let us know within that timeframe, and we’ll issue a refund. It’s that simple!

This seems like a big investment. Do you offer a payment plan?

We sure do! You can either choose to make one full payment or break it up into three monthly installments. Choose the option that works best for your financial situation.

How does the academy and community work? Will I be in a cohort with others?

While you will be enrolled with a group of your fellow students, each eLearning academy course is designed to be completed at your own pace. There are no start dates or end dates. You get lifetime access to all of our eLearning academy courses (plus future updates) and the exclusive online community, where you can connect with me and your fellow eLearning designers.

I'm already an eLearning designer. Will I benefit from this program?

Absolutely! Whether you’re brand new to eLearning, or you’ve been working as an eLearning designer for years, our eLearning academy courses are chock-full of content that will help you elevate your skills and your career.

Will I receive a certificate after I complete each academy course?

Yep! Once you complete an eLearning academy course, you will receive an electronic certificate of completion, which you can print or add to your LinkedIn profile.

I have more questions!

Great! We love answering your questions. Feel free to contact us by clicking on the menu button in the top-right corner and send us a message!