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Jeanine Groves

Learn how Jeanine built her eLearning portfolio and landed a new job as a learning experience designer.

Jeanine Groves's Student Story | The eLearning Designer's Academy by Tim Slade

Jeanine Groves

🇦🇺 Sydney, Austrailia

Jeanine’s story starts about a year ago, where she provided academic and English language support to adults in higher education. At the time, Jeanine was already looking to make the transition into a new job, which focused more on eLearning and instructional design.

To help her accomplish her new career goals, Jeanine decided to enroll in a graduate certificate program, which specifically focused on eLearning. However, she quickly realized the certificate program wouldn’t offer everything she needed to achieve her goals.

“The graduate certificate program was a great introduction to instructional design and learning theory. But that’s all is really offered: the theory. What I was really looking for was a program that would help me understand the whole eLearning design and development process—the theory, the technology, and everything in between.”

Jeanine Groves's Student Story | The eLearning Designer's Academy by Tim Slade

This led Jeanine to research other educational programs outside of her university program, where she could learn from someone who had actually lived and breathed eLearning and instructional design in a practical setting. She wanted to learn from someone who had real-world experience.

“What really attracted me to Tim and The eLearning Designer’s Academy was the fact that the course content was based on his years of experience working as an actual eLearning and instructional designer. And because Tim is someone who is clearly at the top of the industry, I knew he was the right person to help me achieve my skills and career goals.”

During Jeanine’s time inside the program, she focused mainly on applying her existing instructional design knowledge toward building her first course in Articulate Storyline, which focused on customer service best practices. Jeanine also worked on building her portfolio to showcase her skills.

“What I enjoyed the most about Tim’s program was the practical hands-on practice and the ongoing guidance and support he offered. Tim is a fantastic instructor, and throughout the program, I always knew I could lean on him to provide constructive feedback and point me in the right direction.”

Today, Jeanine is using her newly developed skills as a Learning Experience Designer. Her story illustrates how focusing on practical and tangible skills can help you grow your career and achieve your goals.

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I would recommend The eLearning Designer’s Academy to anyone wishing to pursue a career in instructional design or eLearning development. Tim did an amazing job designing the course to accommodate individuals across the globe. It also offers a broad range of skills needed in the L&D space, such as storyboarding, interacting with SMEs, and developing training with Articulate Storyline. The eLearning Designer’s Academy also offers an online community for professional development and support after you have finished the course. This course is a must for aspiring and seasoned instructional designers and eLearning developers.

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