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Lindsay Restmeyer

Learn how Lindsay mastered Articulate Storyline and transitioned out of teaching and into instructional design.

Lindsey Restmeyer's Student Story | The eLearning Designer's Academy by Tim Slade

Lindsay Restmeyer

🇺🇸 Texas, United States

When Lindsay graduated college and started teaching, she assumed that’s what she’d be doing for the rest of her life. Like most folks at that stage in their lives, she didn’t realize that her career didn’t have to start and stop with a single job. But, after a few years of teaching the same thing over and over again, Lindsay no longer felt challenged—she wanted to find new ways to grow her skills and career.

“I loved teaching, but it was no longer a challenge for me. At some point, I started using my extra time to design my own materials, which I would use in the classroom. And while this helped me to feel like I was stretching my skills, it also made me realize how much I preferred designing learning content, rather than the act of teaching itself. This is how I discovered that instructional design was a career path I could pursue.”

This led Lindsay to enroll in a university instructional design program, which she hoped would help her explore her newfound interests. The program was good, but what Lindsay quickly discovered was that it was focused on all theory, rather than practical application. She knew that if she wanted to pivot her career into instructional design, she needed to grow her skills beyond the theory itself.

At this point, Lindsay started exploring alternative programs to help her grow her skills, and this is when she discovered and enrolled in The eLearning Designer’s Academy.

“What I liked most about Tim’s program was it focused on the practical skills I knew I’d need to be successful in an instructional design or eLearning job. I was also very interested in how the program was structured and how Tim used several different modalities to present the content and experience—it was like the program itself was an example of what Tim was trying to teach us.”

Lindsey Restmeyer's Student Story | The eLearning Designer's Academy by Tim Slade

“When I first started, I really had no idea how to design and develop an eLearning course, let alone how to use Storyline, so I followed Tim’s process very closely for my first project. But, for my second project, I was able to design and develop it completely by myself in half of the time.”

During Lindsay’s time in the program, she focused mainly on learning Articulate Storyline and building her portfolio. And rather than picking a stereotypical business topic for her flagship project, Lindsay decided to create a course on something she was already passionate about and familiar with: grooming horses.

After that, Tim encouraged her to continue practicing her skills to create a second course, applying what she learned from the first one. This led Lindsay to create a course on training dogs to detect different scents.

Today, Lindsay has moved on from teaching and now works as an instructional designer for a pharmaceutical company. Lindsay’s story showcases how focusing on the right skills and getting outside your comfort zone lets you take your career in whatever direction you want.

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I would recommend The eLearning Designer's Academy to anyone looking to break into, explore, or refresh their skills in eLearning and instructional design. Tim delivers his instruction in an engaging, effective, and efficient way. With practice activities embedded throughout, I never feel lost or have information overload. And with the amazing and supportive community, I was able to connect with and learn from new and veteran eLearning professionals alike! Overall, I would highly suggest giving Tim's program a try!

Lindsay RestmeyerEducator & Aspiring Instructional Designer

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