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Elsbeth Seymour

Learn how Elsbeth used her technical skills to leave teaching and launch her instructional design career.

Elsbeth Seymour's Student Story | The eLearning Designer's Academy by Tim Slade

Elsbeth Seymour

🇺🇸 Oregon, United States

Like many young professionals starting to mature in their careers, Elsbeth felt like she was hitting a ceiling. After spending several years working in various education jobs, Elsbeth was ready for something new, different, and more challenging, where she could apply her passions for accessibility, graphic design, and game design.

Naturally, Elsbeth started looking at how she could leap into a technology company by targeting different instructional design positions, but it wasn’t as easy as she initially thought.

“At first, I started my job search by applying for any ID job that would come my way. And before I knew it, I had applied and interviewed for almost 100 jobs with no success. I realized my years of education weren’t enough for me to simply slide into a completely different type of job—I needed to take a step back and focus on upskilling and reskilling myself.”

This realization started Elsbeth down a path of researching how she could learn the practical and tangible skills hiring managers were looking for from their instructional design candidates.

And after evaluating several different online bootcamps and academies, Elsbeth decided to enroll in The eLearning Designer’s Academy for one simple reason: experience.

“After reading Tim’s book, The eLearning Designer’s Handbook, and watching him on YouTube, it was clear that he had the actual, real-world corporate and technology experience I wanted to learn from and could help me achieve my goals.”

Elsbeth Seymour's Student Story | The eLearning Designer's Academy by Tim Slade

During Elsbeth’s time in the program, she focused on refining her development skills in Articulate Storyline, along with updating the look and feel of her portfolio. And as Elsbeth started reapplying for instructional design jobs, she used her one-on-one time with Tim to prepare for interviews.

“Going through Tim’s program really helped me to feel more confident in my skills and the whole eLearning and instructional design process. Tim created such a supportive and safe space, which allowed me to be vulnerable and truly learn and grow. And this made all the difference when I started interviewing and applying for jobs.”

Today, Elsbeth works as a contract instructional designer for Apple, where she gets to apply her passions for technology, accessibility, graphic design, and more.

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With so many snake oil merchants out there, you are getting the real deal with Tim and The eLearning Designer’s Academy. His wealth of knowledge and skill in instructional design creates an amazing self-paced, but collaborative, learning experience. Not only is his content practical and enjoyable to watch, but it’s also backed by proven adult learning theories—he literally practices what he preaches. And although I finished his program over a year ago, Tim remains an amazing mentor and someone I often look to. You won’t regret learning and growing with Tim and The eLearning Designer’s Academy.

Elsbeth SeymourInstructional Designer

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