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eLearning 101

Learn the basics of eLearning design and development


An instructional design document provides a high-level overview of a training curriculum comprised of several training objects or modalities.

Tim Slade
What is eLearning | Freelance eLearning Designer | The eLearning Designer's Academy by Tim SladeELEARNING 101

What is eLearning?

What comes to mind when you think of “eLearning”? Do you imagine someone sitting behind a computer, clicking a Next button? Or maybe someone watching…
Tim Slade
December 9, 2018

Creating an eLearning course outline can help you organize your eLearning content, visualize how your content will be structured, and how the learner will flow from one topic to another.

Tim Slade

An eLearning project plan is a document designed to outline all the details necessary to implement the project.

Tim Slade

The truth is, people don’t hate eLearning; people hate bad eLearning.

Tim Slade

An eLearning development timeline outlines the responsibilities and due dates for each task required to complete the project.

Tim Slade

eLearning is any learning experience that takes place on a digital device, such as a computer, a tablet, a smartphone, or some other device.

Tim Slade
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