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Gabi Rodrigues

Learn how Gabi built her technical skills and landed a new instructional design job.

Gabi Rodrigues's Student Story | The eLearning Designer's Academy by Tim Slade

Gabi Rodrigues

🇵🇦 Panamá, Panama

Gabi’s story starts a few years ago when she was working as an Instructor Manager at a language center that offered corporate services. But after a few years, she started wanting more out of her career. This led Gabi to explore the greater world of instructional design and eLearning development.

“I was working for a small company, and I knew there wasn’t room for further growth. I wanted to expand my skills and career by exploring other areas, which is how I discovered instructional design.”

Gabi started her upskilling process by learning from the free resources online. Eventually, she quit her full-time job and started working as a learning consultant, which allowed her to put into practice everything that she was learning, and the opportunities that came up were mostly in video creation.

While she was able to teach herself a ton about instructional design theory, Gabi quickly ran into a roadblock when she attempted to teach herself how to use Articulate Storyline.

“It wasn’t until I started teaching myself how to develop eLearning with Storyline that I realized I needed some formal training. I considered a lot of different online courses and bootcamps, but when I saw how easy Tim made it look, I knew The eLearning Designer’s Academy was the right choice for me.”

During Gabi’s time in the program, she focused her time on learning the technical aspects of Articulate Storyline. Because she already had a strong foundation for instructional design theory from her self-study, along with a knack for multimedia development from her previous video production work, Gabi focused on applying those skills to eLearning development.

By the end of the program, Gabi took the visual storyboard she drafted and developed a complete branching scenario on empathy-building strategies for leaders.

“What I enjoyed most from the program was how well the training was designed, along with Tim’s support during and after the program. Not only did he help me with building and designing my sample project, but he also helped me as I started interviewing for jobs.”

Gabi Rodrigues's Student Story | The eLearning Designer's Academy by Tim Slade

Since finishing the program, Gabi has landed a new instructional design job for one of the largest, globally-recognized cosmetics companies. And her story shows how you can take an existing and strong foundation of skills and apply them in new and different ways.

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The eLearning Designer’s Academy gave me everything I needed to build my skills and land an amazing job as a learning designer. Tim is caring, encouraging, and empathetic, and has built an incredible community of supportive and kind peers that helped me during my journey. Tim’s constant support and feedback were key to helping me build my confidence as an instructional designer. I am forever grateful for everything he does, and I 100% recommend The eLearning Designer’s Academy to anyone who is looking to have some hands-on experience and hone their skills in the field.

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