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Harpreet Kaur

Learn how Harpreet grew her skills, built her eLearning portfolio, and landed a new instructional design job.

Harpreet Kaur's Student Story | The eLearning Designer's Academy by Tim Slade

Harpreet Kaur

🇨🇦 Ontario, Canada

Harpreet’s story starts in India, where she taught high school political science and social studies. But that all changed after she got married, started a family, moved to the United States, and eventually settled in Canada. And after several years of working to get herself and her family established and adjusted to their new lives, Harpreet was ready to get back into the workforce and start a new career in instructional design.

But Harpreet was nervous, not only because she wasn’t interested in going back into teaching, but because she was re-entering the workforce with a six-year career gap.

“Besides the fact that I wanted to enter a field of work that I had never worked in before, I was also unsure how my career gap would affect my chances of landing a job. I immediately knew I needed to focus on upskilling and reskilling myself if I wanted to be competitive.”

Harpreet’s main interest was learning the whole eLearning design and development process, along with how to use Articulate Storyline. And after attempting to teach herself these skills with free resources online, that’s when she discovered and enrolled in The eLearning Designer’s Academy.

“What made me decide to enroll in Tim’s program was his willingness to provide personalized feedback. Even before I joined, he gave me some feedback inside the community without asking for anything in return. I knew then that he was someone I wanted to learn from.”

During Harpreet’s time inside The eLearning Designer’s Academy, she focused her efforts on mastering the instructional design process and building a sample course in Articulate Storyline.

And during her one-on-one time with Tim, Harpreet worked to revise and refine her resume, along with building her first online portfolio. Even after the program ended, Harpreet still leaned on Tim to help her prepare for job interviews.

Harpreet Kaur's Student Story | The eLearning Designer's Academy by Tim Slade

“My time inside The eLearning Designer’s Academy really helped me to feel confident in my skills and abilities. Tim’s one-on-one guidance, along with the weekly Zoom hangouts, the hours of bite-sized learning content, and the personalized feedback, made all the difference in my journey to landing my first ID job.”

Today, Harpreet works as an instructional designer and eLearning developer for a custom learning solutions agency, where she gets to work on various client projects. And Harpreet continues working to build her skills to stay competitive within the industry.

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I joined The eLearning Designer’s Academy with the hope of learning how to use Articulate Storyline and build my portfolio. But when I joined the Academy, I ended up with more than just working knowledge of Storyline and a portfolio. Tim’s online courses and his book, The eLearning Designer’s Handbook, gave me an opportunity to learn how to use ID theory effectively in designing an eLearning course. His hands-on Storyline practice files will teach you not only how to use Storyline but also how to design an effective eLearning experience which will be helpful in creating your portfolio. And the one-on-one mentoring sessions with Tim are not only limited to feedback on your portfolio or academy coursework, you can discuss your resume or any roadblock in your ID journey. If you are putting in the effort and showing progress, trust me, Tim will help you to reach your goal, and he will walk that extra mile also for you. I recommend Tim’s program to anyone who is looking for a structured lD learning path, a helpful coach, a friendly mentor, and a highly collaborative and non-judgemental community.

Harpreet KaurInstructional Designer & eLearning Developer

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