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Jaimee Kubatzke

Learn how Jaimee landed her first instructional design job by focusing on building tangible skills.

Jaimee Kubatzke's Student Story | The eLearning Designer's Academy by Tim Slade

Jaimee Kubatske, PhD

🇺🇸 Nevada, United States

Like many folks, Jaimee started exploring the idea of transitioning into eLearning and instructional design during the pandemic. At the time, Jaimee was working as a college professor, focused on free radical and radiation biology (a fancy term for cancer biology). And while Jaimee loved her work, she was burnt out and was more interested in designing and developing learning experiences, rather than delivering them.

“I loved my job as a college professor and helping people figure out complex topics; however, I didn’t love the lack of work-life balance. With a family and young children, I just couldn’t maintain it all.”

This led Jaimee to explore the possibility of making the transition into eLearning and instructional design. But Jaimee was nervous about where to invest her money—she didn’t want to join a program that only taught her how to quickly keyword-stuff her LinkedIn profile or how to build a pretty portfolio website.

Instead, Jaimee wanted to build the tangible skills and confidence that she knew hiring managers would be looking for in their candidates.

“When I decided I wanted to join an academy, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t joining one that would make me produce a beautiful portfolio, but not the confidence and skill that would help me succeed in a career. I wanted to come out of it feeling like I’m an instructional designer.”

And this is why Jaimee decided The eLearning Designer’s Academy was the right program to help her learn not just the theories of instructional design and adult learning, but also the technical skills used to put those theories into practice.

During Jaimee’s time inside the program, she focused her efforts on designing a sample project on academic dishonesty, learning how to develop it in Articulate Storyline, and making sure her skills and confidence were interview-ready.

Jaimee Kubatzke's Student Story | The eLearning Designer's Academy by Tim Slade

“The person I was when I started Tim’s program versus when came out at the end was completely different. I felt like I could go into any job and felt I had enough skills and confidence to do it.”

Jaimee’s effort ultimately paid off. Today, Jaimee works as an instructional designer for a major airline based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, and her story is one that shows how a dedication to building tangible skills is the key to success.

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I would recommend The eLearning Designer's Academy to anyone who feels passionate about becoming an eLearning designer or an instructional designer but doesn't know where to get started or how to build their confidence.

Jaimee Kubatzke, PhDInstructional Designer

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