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Whether you’re looking to work for a large corporate organization or for yourself as a freelancer, your success depends on how well you market yourself as an eLearning designer. As the eLearning industry continues to grow and boom, it’s increasingly important that you stand out from the crowd!

The truth is, a beautiful résumé and LinkedIn profile aren’t enough to catch the attention of future employers and potential clients—they want to see what makes you different and special from everyone else in the endless stack of résumés on their desks.

Here are five ways to market yourself as an eLearning designer and snag that next big job or client!

Create an Online Portfolio

Market yourself as an eLearning designer by creating an online portfolio.

An online portfolio is one of the most tried and true methods to market yourself as an eLearning designer. Creating a website and online portfolio makes it easier for you to be “found” on the internet, and gives you an opportunity to showcase yourself and your work.

Fortunately, creating a website and online portfolio has become easier than ever! GoDaddySquarespaceWeebly, and Wix all offer affordable solutions to build professional-looking websites, without having to write a single line of code.

Start an eLearning Blog

Once you’ve created your own website or online portfolio, it opens the opportunity for you to market yourself as an eLearning designer by starting a blog. A blog is an excellent way to share your expertise and build credibility within the industry. A blog also enables you to create content that is searchable and shareable, both of which are great ways to drive traffic to your website and online portfolio.

Starting an industry-related blog is intimidating for anyone! However, the more often you blog and share your thoughts, the more confident you’ll become.

Post on Social Media

Market yourself as an eLearning designer by posting on social media.

Nowadays, networking within the eLearning industry takes place more frequently on social media than it does in person! Maintaining an active presence on Twitter and LinkedIn (at the very minimum) are easy ways to market yourself as an eLearning designer and drive traffic to your online portfolio and blog.

Join Online Communities

Market yourself as an eLearning designer by joining online eLearning communities.

Although Twitter and LinkedIn are great ways to connect with others within the eLearning industry, it easy to get lost in all the social media traffic. Outside of social media, industry-related online communities are another great way to connect with others and market yourself as an eLearning designer.

The Articulate E-Learning Heroes Community is a great place to network with other industry professionals, get eLearning inspiration, and even find your next eLearning job.

Speak at eLearning Conferences

Market yourself as an eLearning designer by speaking at eLearning conferences.

Speaking at eLearning conferences offers you a great opportunity to build your network and market yourself as an eLearning designer. When you’re listed as a conference speaker, your name is published on the conference website and materials. This added visibility is free marketing for you and your “professional brand.” Even if you’re not looking for a job or new clients, it never hurts to expand your professional network.

Conferences by The eLearning GuildATD, and Training Magazine are all great for speaking opportunities.

The Bottom Line

Marketing yourself as an eLearning designer is important, whether you plan on looking for your next full-time job or client. What other tips do you have for marketing yourself as an eLearning designer? Share them by commenting below!

Tim Slade

Hi, I’m Tim Slade, and I’m a speaker, author, and founder of The eLearning Designer's Academy. Having spent the last decade working to help others elevate their eLearning and visual communications content, I have been recognized and awarded within the eLearning industry multiple times for my creative and innovative design aesthetics. I’m also a regular speaker at international eLearning conferences, a LinkedIn Learning instructor, and author of The eLearning Designer’s Handbook.

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